Day 72, July 20 (our second July 20th): Anchorage to rest and explore…

IMG_3536 IMG_3537

Yesterday’s crossing of the international dateline found us leaving Russia Monday morning and landing Anchorage Sunday at 2230 in the fading sunlight.  We need to adjust to a new Monday morning!

Anchorage Paris Club

Tom and I explored downtown Anchorage and enjoyed a delicious tenderloin steak sandwich at Club Paris Restaurant (as recommended by our friend, Richard). We came upon the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts where we viewed “Aurora–Alaska’s Great Northern Lights”. How perfectly informative and relaxing to see the stunning digital presentation of the Aurora Borealis with incredible original music scores. It took us across the Greatland, sharing the grandeur of Alaska’s vast landscapes and beautiful star-filled winter skies. I marvel at the patience, pursistance and luck of the photographer, Dave Parkhurst’s, capture of these brilliant lights.

The Air Journey group met for another fantastic dinner at the Simon & Seafort restaurant.

We attended the pilot briefing and then repacked for next day’s long leg—fortunately the forcast calls for significant tailwinds which should give us a non-stop flight to Seattle.


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