Around the World 2015: Summary of Stats

P.S. August 2015

Dear blog followers, we have updated this entire blog with edits and additional photographs. Please feel free to enjoy scrolling through the days of our Journey Around the World 2015. Thanks for your interest along our way.

Diann & Tom Baumann

Summary of Statistics: Journey Around the World 2015

   Nautical miles traveled: 26,689.9

   Average Ground speed:   276.4 Knots

   Fastest ground speed:   374 Knots

   Hours logged in TBM:   96.5 hrs.

   Number of countries landed:   26

   Number of significant of water crossings (> 200 NM):   15

   Cans of Prist added:    27

   Quarts of oil added:  6

   Aircraft repairs: Replaced Radar in TBM in Sinagore

IMG_1262    IMG_0701