Monday, May 4: Six-day countdown…

Yesterday we closed our Spruce Creek Fly-In, Florida home for season and flew home to Milwaukee. In the three and one-half hour flight we initiated our Spidertracks system and used the satellite phone as well. Canon and Go-Pro cameras are set up.  All new toys!


Tom keeps his piloting skills sharpened with his experience and with two flight training programs each year.

My private pilot license and medical are current. I feel prepared and continue to be Tom’s co-pilot and able to take over, just in case!


I am not certified to fly the TBM as pilot in command (PIC), however last Thursday I successfully completed seven TBM landings (with an instructor). Good to go!


7 thoughts on “Monday, May 4: Six-day countdown…

  1. Barbara Bova aka Little Gorky says:

    So excited for you. However, I will miss both of you. It seems like you will be gone for so long. I will be praying for a safe journey for all of you.


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