Days 29, 30 & 31 — June 8, 9, & 10: Dubai, rest & restoration, Sand Dune Bashing & SNOW SKI!

First day in Dubai was our resting and adjusting to the 108 degree weather.

Balcony views from our room.


Second day in Dubai: most expensive hair experience for Diann and skiing on Dubai’s man-made mountain for Tom.  The ski moutain is built within the HUGE shopping mall. Tom clearly was the best skier there!  It was amazing to see some of the”locals” dressed in long ski coats and others who just got a thrill out of riding the ski lift up AND down!  Snow clearly fascinates them.

IMG_1227 IMG_1220 IMG_1217 IMG_1212

These are some of the “locals” enjoying the ride up and down.

IMG_0585 IMG_0590 IMG_0591

Later we boarded a Toyota 4 wheel drive SUV, drove about 45 minutes to “enjoy” a thrilling ride: Sand Dune Bashing!  Tom & I selected the trailing car (mildest ride).  Diann was definitely queasy by the time we reached the “camp” for drinks and snacks. Coca Cola worked wonders to settle the stomach.  Diann was ready to ride a camel.

Sand Dune Bashing!
Desert, looking for water.
Drivers release tire pressure for better traction in sand.
Fittting in with the locals??
Almost melting….


Sun setting in the desert.
Saddled up, ready to ride my camel!


Flight to Oman cancelled due to weather (cyclone Ashobaa in the Arabian Sea changed our plans).  Decided to skip Oman and head to India one day early.  Our Air Journey group stayed an additional night in Dubai at Kempinski Hotel, adjacent to the Emeritus Mall. Not interested in making purchases—Tom and I kept a good pace for a walking work-out.  We planned for reaching our destination: Agara, India the next day.

Human sized monoply game (fund raising for housing).

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