Day 33–June 12: Agra, India — Tour of Fort Agra

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Memories of last night trip through the streets of Agra (the happy partying in the streets amide the chaotic and difficult movement of vehicles) faded slightly while we rested from our hectic aviation adventure the day before.  Relaxing in the beautiful hotel, Oberoi Amarvilas, with every person passing onto us a peaceful sense of being.  The grounds are exquisite: the pool’s delightful outdoor and shaded space, the poolside lunch was the perfect scenario while recovering from our long and late flying day. Topping it off we enjoyed our private view of the Taj Mahal right from our window!

View from our window!
Entry way into the Oberoi Amarvilas Hotel

IMG_1265 IMG_1267 IMG_1268 IMG_1272

One of two elephant statues greeting us–fresh flowers every day.
Peaceful pond near entry of hotel.

Hoping for less intensity of heat our directors gathered us at 4 pm to tour Fort Agra. This fort is 70% occupied by India military. It is so massive that we had an ample amount to appreciate the architural design and structure. It is constructed of bricks on the inner core with red sand stone on the outer and took five years to complete: 1565-1573. Positioned just by the River Jamuna Agra Fort is the most important of India, it is a brick port built by the Great Mughals who governed from here.

Golf course…seen enroute to Fort.


IMG_1345 IMG_1344

Our youngest tall blond pilot was stopped MANY times to pose with the other tourists. Clearly the tallest most beautiful blond they have ever seen.
Amazing inlay artwork lasting over 400 years!
From Agra Fort, across the river is Taj Mahal
Exterior of Fort.

 IMG_1338 IMG_1340 IMG_1302

Agra was the capital 1558.  It contained the highest dignitaries who participated in the making of medieval history of India. This location has a lengthy history including the Saga of Sieges and plunder. The Brittish captured ot frp, tje Marathas in 1803 and converted it into an arsenal.  The Agra Fort is conserved by the Archaeological Survey of India.

The huge court yard’s interior circumferance has purposeful booth-like petitions designed for merchants to be comfortable and wait for their audience with the governor.

And then there were the “street monkeys”…driving through Agra to get to and from our Fort tour was itself an eye opening event.  At first it seem so cute to see the little monkeys in the street, gutters, on top of roofs—EVERYWHERE!  Soon it seems as they are rats living in the gutters, scrounging for food.  The people feed them regularly because, much like the cow, monkeys are revered animals.  The bus driver opened the door (thinking we wanted totake more photos) and the stench was aweful!!  Sorry I sat in the first row seat!!

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