Day 51, June 30: Siem Reap to Luang Prabang, Laos (415 NM)

0730 transfer to airport, another flying day.  After a smooth take-off, little traffic, we were quickly cleared to 26,000 then 29,000.  Just for curiosity we plugged in our Milwaukee airport (MWC)… 7,251 NM away!  Of course that would be the great circle route—which is not our journey’s plan.

Siem Reap River
Cambodia country side.
Heading 358 degrees to Luang Prabang, Laos.
Udon Thani, Thailand. US Airforce base used during the Vietnam war.

Todays flight path also took us right over Vientiane, Laos where our good friend, Richard, spent a few years of his flying career.

Vientiane, just north of Thailand boarder. (Mekong River is border)
Nah Nguh Reservoir north of town.

Approaching Luang Prabang the clouds are closing in as the terrain rises in the “up country” of Laos. IMG_2482 IMG_2485 IMG_2487 IMG_2488

Buddha? need to inquire…
Interpretation: Laung Prabang International Airport.
Short final…clear of mountains.
Amantaka, another restful tranquil place to restore our mind and body.

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