Day 56, July 5: Bus transfer to Halong Bay for our Cruise on Paradise Luxury

Our morning departure to Halong Bay took us on a journey through the rich farmlands of the Red River Delta. We had the opportunity to observe everyday life of Vietnam’s villages as we saw villagers work the local rice fields. We arrived in Halong and boarded the Paradise Luxury for our 2 nights cruise on Halong Bay. Cruising this delightful Bay we reveled in its tranquility as we escaped the bustling tourist sights.

IMG_2721 IMG_2716 IMG_2718 IMG_2711 IMG_2713 IMG_2714 IMG_2715 IMG_2706 IMG_2707 IMG_2709

Michelle, George and Tom took the afternoon option for a small  boat ride to an island, hike up about 700 stairs to enjoy both the view of the Bay and the limestone formations in the Sung Sot Cave.

IMG_2724 IMG_2723 IMG_2722 IMG_2725

Cocktail hour was a beautiful time.

Chief Nam gave a wonderful cooking class: Vietnamese Spring Rolls!
Diann’s effort at spring rolls.
George and Warren met the spring roll challenge!

IMG_2740 IMG_2730

IMG_2728 IMG_2727

Cocktail hour and sunset — enjoyed!


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