Day 62, July 11: Fly Dragonair back to Hanoi, Pre-flight our airplanes and fly to Macau. (865 NM)

Our aircraft remained free from any typhoon damage—-as a precautionary measure we left them in Hanoi rather than risk damage in Hong Kong. Actually, despite all warnings and preparations (store closings, sand bags ready) the typhoon ended up a non-event in Hong Kong.  Loved our stay in Hong Kong...we had a great suite and great views at the Peninsula Hotel.

From our corner window: the UBS building. We enjoyed a fun dinner celebrating Georgia and Diann’s birthday–top floor restaurant.

IMG_3068 IMG_3069

Sunrising…0530 alarm to start our journey back to Hanoi. View out our window.


The Peninsula Hotel surprise: birthday greetings and cake.

Macau...we had just visited yesterday! One large part of Macau I left unmentioned: it is very much like Las Vegas–casinos, huge hotels and entertainment.

IMG_3058 IMG_3060 IMG_3062 IMG_3063 IMG_3055 IMG_3056 IMG_3057

Today was a very full travel day, an interesting way to spend my birthday.  Up early for commercial flight to Hanoi. Our Hanoi stop ended up being a hassle getting back to our airplanes across on the other side of the airport. Once permission to start up, clearance received, take-off roll progressed we had a very smooth departure procedure.

Military aircraft in rounded hangers.
Departure procedure out of Hanoi.
Farm land landscape of Vietnam.
Flight plan out of Hanoi: route is over Gulf of Tonkin, southeast to Da Nang, left turn northeast to circumnavigate Hainan Island. MUST stay out China’s airspace. (General aviation not allowed.)
Parallel track off-set enroute to Macau. First time use for us—Garmin 1000 made new method easy.
Macau airport environment–created on a peninsula/island and taxiway connect with a bridge-like structure.
Taxiway with water on right and left.
Three “follow-me” cars seem to get the job done!
Hot and tired after a long day!
Another birthday cake for Diann!! Actual date.



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