Saturday, May 9: The Day before leaving Milwaukee

Aircraft, Dahrer-Socota TBM 850, passed a last minute check up, a new battery was installed and two seats removed to accommodate all our “stuff”.

Supplies: airplane oil, Prist (Jet A anti-ice fuel additive not routinely included outside North America) and aircraft cleaning solutions are ready loaded.IMG_0679 IMG_0680

We have cases of bottled water, snacks (to substitute for food we may not wish to eat); our emergency survival suits and life raft (required for over water crossing); and of course wardrobes for our 73-day adventure! All packed and ready to go!


4 thoughts on “Saturday, May 9: The Day before leaving Milwaukee

  1. Chess Barbatelli says:

    Have a wonderful, exciting trip. I can’t imagine better way to explore the world. We will enjoy your reports, photos, and stories. Godspeed to you and all in your group!

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