Day 1—May 11: Quebec City. Pilot briefings for huge trip!

Enjoying the city we took a cab to the Musee des Beaux-Arts only to find it closed on Mondays!! Expected to view the Bryan Adams photo art exhibit. Next option was to “enjoy” our 50 minute walk in light rain: we walked the Battlefield ramparts, the Plains of Abraham which includes the Jardin of  Jeanne d’Arc (see impressive bronze statue) and finally  the Governors’ Promenade board walk along the St. Lawrence River back to the Hotel Frontenac.    For Trivial Pursuit fans: the Canadian Anthem “Oh Canada” was sung here on the Plains for the first time ever on St John Baptiste Day…June 24th in 1880.

2015-05-11 10.18.36
Jardin of Jeanne d’Arc
Larger than life Sisters…in NotreDame de Quebec Church.
Interior of Notre-Dame de Quebec Church
First dinner together…..these individuals are now embarking on an amazing journey around the world.
St Lawerence River.

As participants we met for introductions and attended an extensive briefing covering the general procedures of our journey.  Our meeting place is the historic Chateau Frontenac ideally located in the center of Quebec City, Canada.

Hotel Frontenac


7 thoughts on “Day 1—May 11: Quebec City. Pilot briefings for huge trip!

  1. Burt Bartlett says:

    I wish you a grerat trip ..It is fun to follow both of you on the blog. I will be interested in the comments ferom Iceland.


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