Day 10, May 20: Ana Ucedo visits!!

Ana, our exchange student-daughter from 2005-6 school year, now lives in Palma de Mallorca.  She took the ferry to Ibiza for a 9 hour visit with us!! How wonderful to have this treasured time with Ana.  Many USM friends will recall her as the atractive, athletic, fun Spanish girl who is an excellent hockey player.

Ana has continued her hockey career: playing on the Spanish National Ice Hockey and the Spanish Roller Hockey teams.  She is currently studying for a career in physical therapy while working as a Manager of companies facebook websites –creating and updating. She is clearly a very bright and curious learner.

Ana’s family lives in Castellon and spend summer, on the beach of Alcosebbre, Spain.

Blog photos - 2
Ferry: Palma de Mallorca to Ibiza
IMG_0391 - Version 3
Ana Ucedo Laorden
Lunch Amante Beach Club with Ana
Beautiful setting for lunch.

IMG_0374         IMG_0375

Exploring and shopping Ibiza.

IMG_0392IMG_0376  IMG_0377


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