Day 11, May 21: Flight from Ibiza, Spain to Venice, Italy. (680 NM)

View: leaving the Old City of Ibiza.
Note the choppy sea on our flight to Italy. We spotted and over-took our comrades flying their Pilatus.
Leaving Ibiza north near Mallorca                                         (where Ana Ucedo works & lives).

We captured several great views today….looking over the Mediterranean Sea–there were VERY choppy seas visible.  At 30,000 all clear until desending through clouds into Venice.

Arnold trying to get the hang of it!!

Weather was not so great, but we touched down at Venice Marco Polo Airport perfectly!  Today we spoke to Spanish, French and Italian air traffic controllers. Decidedly, the French were the easiest to understand. (BTW: English is the international language for controllers. They use English once you check-in speaking English).  Italian air traffic controllers kept us at 18,000 feet until 20 NM before the final approach fix, runway 04 R. (This is often too high and too close for a smooth approach). Finally, they asked if we were able to make the 3,000 feet IAF (initial approach fix) requirement . We did it!!   15,000 feet in 20 miles using 10% power and a decent of 3,200 feet per minute.  Our TBM’s propeller behaves like a 4X8 sheet of plywood when slowed to near flight idle! (Do not try this is a Cessna Mustang!)

Weather was not so great, but we touched down at Venice Marco Polo Airport perfectly!

Venice as we are short approach.
Transfer from airport via the Vaporetto (water taxi).
Boats on waterway.
Beautiful Venice under rainy, cloudy skies.
Lunch at the Cipraini Hotel.

Later we were concerned about the afternoon hail storm which involved BB sized hail. All were releaved as there was no damage to our aircraft!

Happy pigs…the sky is clearing!!
Beautiful view of Cipriani pool…cool rainy skies made it not inviting.

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