Day 15. May 25: Flight to Santorini, Greece (530 NM)

Today’s flight was in question due to strong crosswinds expected at our destination.  Aviation weather predicted a direct crosswind of 20 Knots–the TBM’s limitation is 20 K direct crosswind component.  One runway: 16 – 34 with winds 250 @ 20 K with potential gusts exceeding that.  Our directors with weather advisement continued to keep  us posted… go or not to go?  At last it appeared there could be a decrease of wind by the time of our arrival and a visual approach may be expected.  The alternate (should wind be too strong) was decided to be Nikos Kazantzakis on the island of Crete (Sitia) where winds were less.  We will go!!


To our left, view Kithira island and south mainland Greece
Off our right wing, little island of Andikthira

IMG_0553 IMG_0554

Interestingly, our route 375 NM over the Mediterrean Sea brought us as close as 210 N.Miles from Benghazi!

Landing with a 16 knot, 250 degrees crosswind on Runway 34 worked out very well. Crab into the wind, left aileron continue on landing…steer with rudder control on the ground.  Basics!



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