Day 16, May 26, 2015; Day on the Caldara on a Catamaran

Our day on the Catamaran in the Caldara.
Properties are purchased and built on the VERTICAL space on Santorini Island.
Hidden cove where a family of children hid from Nazi soldiers…but were ultimately found.
Sunny face of friends along the journey….
Finding our spot in the shade.
Father/daughter plunge.
Wisconsin White whale sighting in Agean Sea?

Santorini, Greece is a Volcanic Island with well-known magnificence and its truly unique characteristics; it combines an array of spectacular features that cannot be found anywhere else. The traditional villages of the island, built on tall cliffs, offer a breathtaking view of golden sunsets over the submerged volcano. Santorini combines colorful sandy and rocky beaches, wonderful archaeological sites, traditional Cycladic architecture, and the impressive Caldera and volcanic area.

Hotel: Kirini Suites & Spa

Delicious Foie Gras
Kirini suites are carved out the cliff, seemingly cave-like.


Outstanding view from our room and our dining area.

What a fantastic day!

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