Days 17 & 18, May 27 & 28: Red Rain & Flight Santorini, Greece to Istanbul, Turkey (325 NM)

Day 17, May 27: Two nights before flight from Santorini to Turkey we experienced a strange “Red Rain”. The whole island was dusted heavily with a reddish fine dirt which came with the night’s rain. It reported was dust from Africa mixed into the rain.

IMG_0656 IMG_0655


Pilots took a few hours to attempt cleaning this dirt off of the airplanes.  Despite the efforts…we took off with dirty airplanes and actually hoped for some clean rain clouds to help wash them.  Destination: Corlu, Turkey…about 2 hour drive to Istanbul. We could not get a “slot time” at the main airport (Ataturk) unless we arrived at 0430  (am!!).

Day 18, May 28:


Captains Tom and Diann are dressed and ready for todays flight.
All pilots are dressed to arrive in countries where general aviation is not common nor respected. We need to look professional.
You may see the white line was a zig-zag route initially give to us. The “magenta” line shows how we were actually given direct clearance.
Along the way we needed to divert around some significant build ups with electrical activity….a little rain might have cleaned airplane, but it was more than we were willing to deal with!

Turkey actually has many agricultural fields and the country is self-sustaining in regards to food.

No, not mid-west USA…but, Turkey fields!
Looking left out our balcony the pool, the gardens and one of two suspension bridges over the Bosporus.
Looking right see the Bosporus opening to the Sea of Marmara and the magnificent Caravan Palace, which dates back to the end of the 16th century. This was home to the last Ottoman Sultan.
Captain, Tom after the day’s flight.
First Officer, Diann after the day’s flight.
At Sultan Ahmat Square, next to the “Million”, is signage which notes distance to many locations. The old stone pillar, the Million”,  is all that remains of a Byzantine triumphal arch from which road distances to all corners of the empire were once measured.

Istanbul is a fascinating city which is home to empires and the crossroads of two continents. Turkey’s complex beauty is borne of history – layer upon layer of history. Hittites, Hellenists, Romans, Byzantines, Selcuk Turks and Ottomans all left their mark on this geographically strategic land – and the result is magical.

Our Hotel: Cirigan Palace on the Bosphorus–is a beautiful setting!


4 thoughts on “Days 17 & 18, May 27 & 28: Red Rain & Flight Santorini, Greece to Istanbul, Turkey (325 NM)

  1. Chess Barbatelli says:

    Wonderful part of the world! Will you get to inland Turkey? Our cruise last year began in Istanbul and visited the isles. Would be interested to see inland life. Nice uniforms!!


  2. Barbara Bova aka Little Gorky says:

    I loved Turkey. I have such fond memories traveling with Mother and Father. The food was great, the architecture so beautiful, and the bazaar full of exiting items. Thanks for your posts and pics. Weather cold and rainy in Madison.


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