Day 21, May 31: Istanbul to Kapadokya, Turkey (275 NM)

Today’s flight…still with dirty airplanes!  Our attempt failed to find a crew to wash off the Santorini red dirt.  On our left we viewed the Black Sea…flew over the agricultural areas and some mountainous terrain.  No radar on approach into Kapadokya airport requires position reporting and with three airplanes 10-15 minutes apart we, TBM N850TD, ended up holding above the airport three circuits at 15,000 feet.  Interesting to follow our spider tracks, login to to follow our N850TD. (enlarge last segment to see oval holding tracks)

Corlu airport (1 1/2 hour drive from Istanbul hotel.
Following the Magenta line, filed flight plan to Kapadokya
Good flight…nice country side.
Arnold was promoted to Spidertrack Manager.
We became a bit of a freight-flight with added baggage. One of our Pilatus comrades stayed back for maintenance in Istanbul. His wife and 2 children rode along with others.
Airstrip in Kapadokya (3,000 elevation) , in valley, near river and between mountainous terrain.
Spaces hollowed in the rock caves once were a settlement of monasteries and convents. Very primative, but functional for the time.
Amazing spaces hollowed out of air bubbles left from volcano.
Sampling of artwork on interior walls…(.we were not allowed to take our own photos).
Turkish ice cream vendor….a hit with the two children and Thierry, our Air Journey director.
Did get photos of last church visited….brilliant colors.
Less primitive and better preserved.

IMG_0835 IMG_0836

Preparation of wool for rug weaving.
Turkish rug weaving demonstration
Preparation of silk for rugs. (Removal of worms)

There were a few rug purchases.  Toast to mother and daughters’ purchases.


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