Day 35, June 14: Flight Agra, India to Kolkata, India (630 NM) and Flight Kolkata, India to Chiang Mai, Thailand (635 NM)

Most gracious staff, time to say good bye.
Our drivers…tranfer to airport.

0730 morning pick up and transfer to the Agra airport took us through the city streets with less hectic traffic but busy industrious Indian people with trading in the streets.

IMG_1414 IMG_1415 IMG_1412

IMG_0619 IMG_0620

Agra Airport serves as the Indian Airforce Training Base and appropriately requires a security check in for our driver. We noticed the armed guard on duty.

The Baumann’s TBM N850TD was airbourne at 0851 anticipating ATC challenges as we had on our arrival. It was a relief to experience a smooth transition with ATC. One variation which is important: you must report back to Agra departure confirming that you have made contact with Dehli control. To omit this would leave our commrades grounded, not released to depart.  This is an example of kind of details important for each pilot to know and comply which are part of the pre-flight briefing the evening before each flight. Two hours and 20 minutes over India to Kolkata.

First let to Kolkata. Course up (traveling east)
Interesting cloud formations.


Second leg: Flight over Bangladesh we talked with Daaka Control (VERY challenging to understand)….where we think the spoke into a tin can! There was a true IFR meterological flight with rain and clouds.  We flew over the Bay of Bengal and experienced major deviations around storm cloud build ups.  The lush green fields along the lower mountainous terrain was a welcoming sight as we approached (right on the glide-slope) for a challenging cross-wind landing.


Golf course — left of final approach.
Control Tower — Chiang Mai
Perfectly on the glide slope.

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