Days 40 & 41, June 19 & 20: Beach villa in Langkawi and the Mangrove Safari

June 19, day’s plan: total relaxation.  No re-packing, no flight briefing, no scheduled event–it was great to linger our wonderful villa hearing the birds, roosters, monkeys and variety of animals.  Our long beach walk was exhilarating and we started lunch with our new favorite refreshing drink: cold coconut milk right from the nut itself!

Rustic wooden ceiling was easy to stare at and imagine we were in some type of barn….
To the right is a small portion of the white flowing draperies … the mirrored wall extended the large room further.
Restaurants are down at the end of the beach…
Cart paths (miles ?) were walled with natural stones.
Lotus pond…provides a zen-like space for 0730 Yoga class. Did not make these early sessions! Mostly think of our Caddy Shack fans — “a pond is good for you” (Carl Spackler)
Naturally semi-polished stones…from sea and/or river beds.

Next destination/relaxation — the adult infinity pool (55 meters long), complete with tasty “adult” beverages.

IMG_1752 IMG_1748

Day 41…June 20th we were awakened by a blowing stormy rain. Our 0900 Mangrove boat tour delayed!


Finally, quieter skies and calmer seas allowed us to launch about 3 pm to the Kilim Geoforest Park.


IMG_1767 IMG_1760 IMG_1770 IMG_1768

Amazing mangroves with their adaptation to the salt water sea setting…actually excreting the salt through the top portion of leaves….the film protects the plant….and we are grateful for the oozing of solution which creates an amazing hazy “goop” on surface of water (no mosquito is able to break through surface tension to lay eggs).  No need for bug spray on our 2.5 hour discovery cruise!


Low tide exposes dark part of tree which is actually root system….goes deep down to the muck/soil below.
Cave we were able to peak into…if very low tide & low boat one could cruise through to other opening.

Did I mention the monkeys?  The snake.  Kite eagles and brown eagles….

Need to have a keen eye to see snake on branch!

IMG_1830 IMG_1833 IMG_1831 IMG_1838

IMG_1846 IMG_1812 IMG_1814 IMG_1782

IMG_1784Last evening walk to dinner…..a large group of wild monkeys climg up tree next to walkway. IMG_0691 IMG_0695 IMG_0697


One thought on “Days 40 & 41, June 19 & 20: Beach villa in Langkawi and the Mangrove Safari

  1. Deborita says:

    Diann and Tom, These pictures are beautiful. Looks like the perfect location for some much needed relaxation time.


    Deborah Mars



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