Day 44, June 23: Borobudur Indonesia to Bali, Indonesia (300 NM)

When arriving at Amanjiwa we could faintly see the Borobudur Temple through the opening window. Too hazy to see on this photo.
View of Borobudur Temple from our patio.
Manager chatting with Captain Tom.


Saying goodbye to this peaceful place, one recognizes how the building designer (Edward Tuttle, California) incorporated Borobudur Temple aspects to be reflected in the resort structure.

Travel Day: Yogyakarta airport to Bali, Indonesia 1 hr. 20 minutes.  Crossing the equator…moving south….when it is less humid and a little cooler (winter). Photo just before (N) and just after (S) crossing equator.

IMG_1893 IMG_1892



IMG_0725 IMG_0735


A short flight brought us to Bali and a long transfer 1 hour + to our hotel the Amankila, a magical Oasis.  Amankila (which means peaceful hill) opened in 1992 set on a cliffside overlooking the Lombok Strait in East Bali. Below the resort is its private stretch of sand and beach club. The sand is black (volcanic) sand.


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