Day 58, July 7: Last evening (July 6) and leaving Halong Bay for Hanoi, July 7

0600 Tai Chi session on sundeck, coffee and off to the lagoon at Luon Cave on a tradidtional rowing boat.  Rumor has it there might be monkeys in this wild area—but, we did not observe any.  Once back on the main Paradise cruise boat we enjoyed another breakfast and the last hours on this beautiful bay. Soon we returned to Tuan Chau Island, disembarked and were on our way back to Hanoi. Once again we enjoyed seeing the countryside, the little towns and the rice farming.

Rock formations on the ceiling of cove cave.
There were several boat women out to sell their concessions to tourists arriving and leaving the cruise boats.
Rice fields…there were several grave yards tucked in the corners of some of the fields. Very different.
The early morning explorers.
More cave views.

IMG_2876  IMG_2869 IMG_2917 IMG_2913

Once settled back at the Sofitel Metropole we had a 1 1/2 hour pilot briefing reviewing the weather (three hurricanes in the Pacific) and considered options. Conclusion: if and when the  typhoon hits Hong Kong, we prefer to avoid our aircraft run the risk of damage by tropical storm.  Agreed to fly commercial, Dragonair, to Hong Kong in the morning then return to Hanoi for next part of the journey.


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