Days 59, Day 60, July 8 & 9: Three Typhoons in South China Sea—Commercial flight from Hanoi to Hong Kong on Dragonair

Getting up early for a commercial flight is very different for this crew….but, all went well and Hong Kong is a totally different city from Hanoi.  Hong Kong is an Asian banking center. Tall buildings…building cranes are everywhere!

July 9: Our tour guide took us to Victoria Peak for an amazing city view.  These photos are a mere sampling….

Space is a premium…even for graveyards.
Overlooking city from Victoria Peak….Hong Kong is hazy today.

Our little boat tour of the fishing village showed how many people live on their boats and make their living fishing. A huge number of boats were moored this afternoon because of the expected typhoon.

Large boats moored in the bay…away from the storm.
Sampan boat — just like the one we rode touring the Hong Kong Bay.
“Fancy” painted boat restaurant in the bay. Our director noted that the back side is not so nice. Clearly a common tourist appeal!
Example of floating village and fishing boat.

IMG_2992 IMG_2990

Colorful, delicious Chinese food at the Mask.
Bruce Lee
Jackie Chan
Great fun With Michelle & Geordy.

Time for ethnic lunch at “Mask” and enjoy the waterfront walk noting stars to honor heros.


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